Escorts Zurich - Jennifer

My name is Jennifer, I'm pleased to be your cute and sexy Escort in Zurich during your pleasant stay here. I am a young, but experienced escort, who knows Zurich and the surrounding area very well.

Personal Info:

Nationality: Swedish
Profession: secreatary / model
Age: 25 years
Size: 36
Height: 172 cm
Cup Size: 75 C (busty)
Hair Colour: blond
Languages: English, French
Hobbies: Tennis, Skiing, Travelling, Sports, Cinema, Fashion
Travelling: worldwide
Additional Information:
May I introduce you to all the places of interest in Zurich including the Lake Zurich with it's small towns and villages, where time seems to stand still? Not only offers Zurich a wide range of high class international restaurants, but also a beautiful nature where we could witness magical moments of togetherness.

I really enjoy Switzerlands intact nature, apart from it I enjoy shopping and Zurich has lot's of opportunities for that. Let's complete the day with a great dinner, before we start into the night. Zurich's night life is very has many variants to offer and ends late. Do you prefer cozy places or are you more into hip high-end places? Both is easy to find in Zurich and I would love to escort you discovering Zurich.

If you are interested in me to be your companian while in Zurich or the surrounding area, please call Cosmos Escorts Zurich now and I can be with you soon.
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