International Escort Service Augsburg

Augsburg is the most important city in the Swabian part of Bavaria (Germany). The Romans at the confluence of the rivers Lech and Wertach have founded it in 15 B.C. The Romans brought easy life concepts to Germany, and so it is no wonder that Augsburg became the location of our Escort Service in Swabian Bavaria. Along with Trier and Kempten, Augsburg is one of Germany´s three oldest cities. Particularly during the Renaissance and the Rococo area, Augsburg played a leading role in Europe. The city of Augsburg is also well known for merchant families Fugger.


Culture and Art made the city famous, and so it became a very rich and cosmopolitan city and a creative center for famous painters, sculptors and musicians. Along with the wealth and the art, Augsburg became famous for the charming women who have been happy to please merchants, artists, noblemen, and high officials. Our escorts in Augsburg follow this old German tradition, that is no got good for a man to sleep alone, so they will be pleased to spend the night with you.


At the end of the 18th century, the textile industry began its rise to prominence - and the ladies loved the evening gowns and then lingerie made of this fabric. Even today, you will find that the women of Augsburg wear sensual garments - especially the ladies of our escort service.


What can an Escort Service offer in the city of Augsburg? Of course, not `everything´ - we offer only the best choices. There are natural, fresh-faced young ladies, most of them students, and mature, delightfully experienced ladies - it is your choice. No matter how long you wish to enjoy our ladies - the exquisite pleasure and companionship is just a phone call away. Whomever you may choose - and for whatever reason - we guarantee that your date will be very friendly, clean, enthusiastic and discreet.


As you may know, it is uncertain whom you meet in a city when you look for a lady. However, the Escort Service Augsburg takes the uncertainty out from finding your ideal date. There is a difference in finding a lady for a very special event or for a more intimate occasion - different habits, other dresses, and other ways to communicate. You will soon notice, how intelligent, charming, and attractive or girls are, and what skills they have to pleasure you.


Be happy in Augsburg, and enjoy the city with your charming Escort Lady from our escort Service in the Fuggertown of Augsburg.



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