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Once, the city was called "Fallersleben", but when the former German Government started to build a cheap "Volksautomobil", the name of the city was altered into Wolfsburg. By the way, there is a real "castle ("Burg") near Wolfsburg, so you can visit the castle with your Escort from our escort Service Wolfsburg.


The city is automotive, but has a nice pedestrian zone as well. You can drink a Coffee or a beer there, but if you really want to dine with your escort lady from our Escort Service Wolfsburg, you should ask you escort lady for a restaurant run by a star chef. Enjoy your stay, talk about your plans and look into her promising eyes. Our Escort ladies have the certain "savoir vivre" and as they know how to dress for both dinner and exiting nights, you will always be satisfied by their appearance.


It´ s said, that the "Currywurst" (A sausage served with ketchup and sharp curry powder) in the automobile factory´s company cafeteria is the best in the world - but you do not need someone inside to taste it. Nowadays, you can buy the "Origial VW-Currywurst" it at some butchers in Wolfsburg as well.


As we know, it is nearly impossible to find a charming lady by chance. Depending on your expectations, you must choose extremely carefully in Wolfsburg, if you are looking for a lady to accompany you spend two exciting hours with you in your hotel. Our Wolfsburg escort service is best known for its beautiful and charming ladies, so if you wish to see a girl, ask us for a wonderful date with one of our escorts. Our escort lady will come straight to your hotel.


If you are looking for a lady of outstanding beauty, who knows how to dress and how to behave under all circumstances, smells as good as a bouquet of flowers and knows how to please men, don´t hesitate to call our Escort Service Wolfsburg. We can provide beautiful ladies for all purposes who know how to dress and how to behave, so you can take them everywhere, even to a big official reception. Just ask the Escort Service Wolfsburg if you need a lady for a special occasion. We will be happy to help you.




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