International Escort Service Halle (Saale)

Nearly everybody in Germany knows that a Halle (Saale) exists, but very few people now, where the city is situated: In the east of Germany, in the State of Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxony-Anhalt). With a rather large population of about 230,000, the city of Halle is the biggest city in Saxony-Anhalt).


One of the most famous inhabitants ever is the Baroque musician Georg Frederic Handel, (Georg Friedrich Händel) who is well renewed as a composer, but he owned an opera house as well. The opera it itself is famous for sensual women - so Handel (Händel) must have known many of those ladies. As you may know, some Gentleman loved the bodies of the opera singers more than their voices. Although our girls do not sing arias, the escort Ladies of Halle are very famous for their art of seducing demanding Gentlemen.


Halle is an old city with a charming city centre. You sensual escort lady will show you around, and you will see some remarkable examples of German architecture. Most interesting is a gem among the art nouveau buildings, which are situated between the "Große Ulrichstrasse" and the "Kleine Ullrichstraße".


Halle is somewhat typical for a small university city. There is the baroque tradition, there are students and there are beautiful women, but you will find very few places where travelling Gentlemen can meet beautiful, well-educated ladies of style.


The only way to find a very charming, fun-loving lady to enlighten you lonely nights is to look for an escort lady. The ladies from our escort service Halle (Saale) know how to entertain Gentlemen, and they love to accompany you wherever you want to go - it can be the opera, an official event or an exciting night at your hotel. Your escort lady will dress up to your liking - in an evening gown with sensual lingerie underneath, a corset and black boots, or a just in the nude after she takes her fur coat off.


Our escort service Halle is always honest and caring. We only have girls who are proud to this work. Therefore, they have the natural charm of a real girlfriend. All our escorts are carefully interviewed, so we can assure you that they have the style, honesty and integrity clients have come to expect.




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