International Escort Service Freiburg and Southern Black Forest

Freiburg is often underestimated. The city, situated in the south of Baden, is charming. It is a town of intellect, poetry and sciences with a famous university surrounded by a wonderful wine Region and backed by the Black Forrest. Dark-haired Women of the Black Forest have always been the favorite fiancés for both students and professors because of their beauty and their natural charm. Freiburg´s Escort Service knows about that and tries to top the beauty of the Freiburg Girls.


Unlike some other cities in the Black Forest, Freiburg stands for the pleasure of life. The region is the "Upper Rhine Wine Region" situated on both sides of the River Rhine, and on both sides (France and Germany), the "savoir vivre" is very popular. Your Freiburg escort lady knows about that and she will give you a taste of this lifestyle.


In spring, summer and autumn, Freiburg resembles almost a Mediterranean city. Of course you can try to enjoy the City on your own. However, if you wish to find the best places to eat, drink and have a good time, than we recommend to be accompanied by one of our escort ladies. She will be well educated, knows who to dress (any dress code is possible) and has really good manners. As we are an honest and caring escort service in Freiburg, we only have girls who take pride in working as an escort. They have the natural charm of a winemaker´s daughter, and most of them are able and willing act as a real girlfriend. Whatever you like - our ladies will have the skills to fulfill your wishes, and they have the style, honesty and integrity clients have come to expect. As some of our ladies are students, they are well educated and speak your language.


There are not so many regions in Germany where you can eat nearly everywhere and enjoy the meal they serve - but in and around Freiburg you can. During the asparagus season, celebrities come from all over the world taste the famous asparagus along with the wine of the region - and sometimes they go to small country restaurants around Freiburg where you would not expect to meet celebrities. Just as your Freiburg Escort Service where to eat asparagus during the season form mid April to mid June.


Do you want to spend just a few hours in your Hotel with a Freiburg escort girl? Of course, this can be arranged as well. Our ladies love to spoil and pamper you, no matter, how many hours you wish to stay with them. Of course, they will be pleased to travel to the spa town of Bad Krotzigen as well.


There are quite a lot of spa towns, small cities and leisure resorts in the Southern Black Forrest, and if you do not like to be alone in your hotel room at night, just call our Freiburg escort service. Our ladies will travel to neatry all locations in the Southern Black Forest.




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