Bremen - the Escort Service in the Old Hansa Town


Welcome to Bremen - and welcome to the Old Hansa Town of Bremen with the famous marketplace and the statue of Knight Roland (both UNESCO World Heritage) standing in the middle of the place. The Roland stands for the city´s liberty" and is an emblem of independence since 1404. In addition, you may welcome the Escort Service Bremen if you are in need for an escort lady.


Our wonderful and highly educated ladies will show you around whenever you like. It´s not only the famous market place you must see - for example, there is the 110-meter-long Böttcherstraße, built in the 1920s, with strange looking brick houses, tiny shops and cozy restaurants, museums, workshops and a carillon opposite the Bremen Casino. The Street is a beautiful place to visit with your escort lady from our Bremen Escort Service. If you look carefully, you can see the wonderful statue "Jugend" (Youth") by Bernhard Hoetger representing a beautiful young lady. She is as sensual as your escort lady from out Escort Service Bremen.


Your Bremen escort lady will show you the "Town Musicians" as well. A very small, but interesting set can be found in the Böttcherstraße, but the famous statue is situated on the left side of the Weser renaissance Style Town Hall near the famous "Ratskeller". You will find the donkey, the dog, the cat and the rooster from the Brothers Grimm fairytale, and you might notice that the leg of the donkey has been touched thousands of times. So touch it yourself - it means "good luck" for you and you escort lady form our Bremen Escort Service.


Visiting Bremen, do not miss the Schnoor. Not only is it the oldest district in Bremen, it is also a gem among the streets of the whole world. You will find a narrow lane reserved for pedestrians, with very small shops, cafés, restaurants and workshops where you can find things you cannot get in any other place in the world. Take a coffee break with your Escort lady or buy some nice souvenirs.


If you have shopping in mind, try the Sögestraße. "Söge" is lower German for "Pigs", and in fact there is a rather large bronze statue of pigs and a swineherd - always crowded by a lot of people - from there it is just a few steps into the town center, where you can find large department stores, small shops and some very nice bars and cafés.


People from south Germany have a misconception that their compatriots in the north are dour and lacking in cheer - but those people have never been in Bremen. For example, there is the Freimarkt, the oldest funfair in Germany. The city is like crazy in those days - and you will hear and read "ischa Freimaak" everywhere - which means: We don´t care about our sorrows, now we have fun". It you wish to be accompanied during the Bremen Freimarkt, please book in time - it is the busiest time on the Bremen Hotel timetable, and it is the busiest time for your Bremen Escort Service as well.


Our Escort Service Bremen is the most exclusive escort provider to Bremen and Lower Saxony. We have an amazing selection of escorts who are available for outcalls every day, and every hour.


We have many years experience in providing the city with our selection of gorgeous and sophisticated Bremen escorts, and our professional service and discretion ethic is what makes us the best Bremen Escort Service there is. If you are visiting the city on business, why not arrange for one of our escorts in Bremen to come straight to your hotel room? Do not miss the chance to experience the love of a genuine Lady for hours or overnight.




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