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Gottingen is an old German town with a very famous university (Georgia Augusta), which was founded in 1737. The city is situated in a beautiful landscape in the German State of Lower Saxony. In the old days, all the cities had to solve a problem: Professors and students longed for beautiful women. Fathers and mothers tried to prevent their daughters from romantic affairs with students and professors. Maybe an escort Service could have solves the problem, but at that time, the Gottingen escort Service did not exist.


Every Student in Gottingen loves a girl called "Gänseliesel" - not a real girl, but a bronze statue in front of town hall. She represents a natural girl from the region, and so she became the cities landmark. In the old days, students kissed the Gänseliesel after enrolment, and it is said that doctors still kiss her after becoming a doctoral student.


We think, it might be far better to kiss a real lady, and so do many of our clients. You may think that escort ladies cannot be fresh and unspoiled, but we know better. All of our ladies are experienced, but they have a soul of gold, so you can discuss everything with them. They will act like real girl friends, including kissing and cuddling, and they will lead you into the world of sizzling excitement, in case you are still a little bit shy. There´s no need for you to be lonely for too long. Whenever you feel depressed and lonely, don´t reach out for a bottle of gin or vodka. Instead, reach out to the sweet-smiling, charming and lovable Göttingen escorts.


When the famous mathematician Gauss was a Professor in Gottingen, he complained that there is no "urban life" in Gottingen - and most probably, he thought of women who might be able to entertain men. We think that this changed a lot, thanks to our escort service in Göttingen.




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