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Bremerhaven is called the "big city at the seaside", because it is the only big city near the North Sea. It´s a town of seafarers and fishermen, no doubt, and its attraction is the sea harbor. As you may know, the seamen spend a lot of money with escort girls since Bremerhaven was founded in 1827. That is why escorts and call girls have always been a part of the city life in Bremerhaven. We don´t know for sure, but we expect that captains and officers used a similar Bremerhaven escort service even in the 19th century.


It was not only the harbor where love was an important good to trade. Some of the most beautiful women of Bremerhaven went to the USA by ship to follow their American lovers. The route Bremerhaven - New York was always good for a romance, as people told us. Maybe that it was a kind of "escort service" as well in those days.


When you call an escort lady to be your sensual companion at daytime, you can go everywhere. Your escort lady will dress up for the specific location if she knows beforehand where you will go. It is much recommended to walk down the pedestrian street to the see the "Museum Harbor" with the cargo sailor "Seute Deern". It attracts many people, because it resembles the romantic part of the seafarer tradition in the old days. "Seute Deern" is lower German and means "Sweet Girl". In the same area, you will find wonderful restaurants, cafés and bistros.


You will enjoy every minute you sped with one of our escort ladies. Some of them are of foreign origin, as you may expect in a harbor city, but all of them are beautiful and polite. You will find fresh girls as young as 19 (the legal age is 18 in Germany at present time) and very experienced ladies in their thirties. We assure you that have the most elegant and stunning Bremerhaven ladies. All our applicants are personally interviewed to ensure, that aside from grace and good looks, they ooze confidence with a great personality to match. That means that they speak English and some other languages. If you have special wishes, just ask.


There are special maritime events in Bremerhaven every year: The Bremerhaven Festival Weeks and the "Havenwelten Sail Sommer" - with all those traditional square-rigged vessels, commonly known as "Windjammer". Visitors may be just spectators. Leisure captains or real seamen, but they have one thing in common: they love beautiful girls. So if you love girls - on sea or shore - don´t hesitate to find one using our Bremerhaven Escort Service. If you visit the "Sail" event, please book beforehand, as we have many guests on those days in Bremerhaven.


All girls featured on our site are 100% genuine they will show up just as you have seen them on the photographs. No matter for which occasion you order your escort girl or call girl, we only provide the best and finest escorts. If you wish to have the impression of a simple sailor´s girlfriend, we will provide the right girl, and if you wish to sail with a genuine lady, we will find her as well.




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