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Dortmund is called the metro pole City of Westphalia. (Westphalia is a part of North Rhine Westphalia in Germany) . The former coal-mining town has been transformed into the economic and trade center of Westphalia. As you may expect, a lot of businessmen visit Dortmund, and very often, they wish to have a female companion during the stay. An Escort Lady form a well-known escort service is the best address in most cases when you visit Dortmund. There is much to explore in Dortmund, especially if you are interested in industrial or coal mining heritage.


Although it may be possible to find a girl in the Kreuzviertel, where the students meet, we recommend finding a beautiful and charming lady at our Dortmund escort service agency. With her, you can enjoy your stay in Dortmund at daytime or at night. Just remember that her only goal is to make you happy, and you will soon find out that she is a real expert in this fantastic art. Enjoy her companionship everywhere you want to do so. Visit a typical Dortmund Bee Pub, have a glass of wine, take her to a romantic candle light dinner - she will be prepared to go almost everywhere.


How about a romantic start in Dortmund´s "Romberg Park", one of the most beautiful and romantic botanical gardens in Germany. It is full of sensuous fragrances and floral beauty. The lady from our Dortmund escort service will be happy to go there and have a romantic evening with you as well.


Only the most beautiful women and the best escorts want to enter the business of our Dortmund escort agencies, because we are famous for exclusivity, seriousness and discretion. If you would like to experience something very special, here in Dortmund, you are at the right place. Our escort agencies´ escort girls will really enjoy the evenings, events and intimate moments with you in an unforgettable way. They wear the most exquisite lingerie from all the top labels in the world, and even the very demanding gentlemen will be surprised by our service you have never even dared to dream of. It´s the lust, desire and sensuousness that makes our gorgeous escort girls stand out against other women. If we say "other women", we mean it - we did not say "other escorts".


A woman who acts like a girlfriend or like a real sensual female lover is hard to find, but we think that our Dortmund escort ladies have the skills and the charm to do so.




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