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The "Pearl of Westphalia" - that is Münster in North Rhine-Westphalia. Unlike other cities in NRW (North Rhine Westphalia), the city of Münster (often spelled Muenster or Munster) is not typical for its coal and heavy industry. It is excellent if you plan to relax in the "Munster land" (Münsterland and have a good time with a beautiful lady.


When one of our escort ladies accompanies you, we recommend to visit the old town of Münster (Munster).She knows all about the city and its famous architecture. Take a look at the famous "Prinzipalmarkt" a historic merchant city. Although not all the buildings you see are of ancient origin, but have nee re-built, they look very romantic. As Munster has a University, there are a lot of students in town and of course the like to go to the small bars and restaurants in the "Hansaviertel".


Although Münster is a rather big city, there are rural Areas as well. In summer, people like to go to the Aaseepark for meals and drinks. You can go there with your escort lady.


We think that most of the time, you invite your escort lady for "dinner and more" or just to have a few hours you can just relax and enjoy the charms of your escort lady. She loves to play all kind of roll play, and in case you want something special, she will bring a discrete bag for all the devices she will need.


We know from experience that is not at all easy to find a good escort lady in Münster. New customers tell us very often, how difficult it was to find the right address in Munster - but now you found it. Our service is one of the best, most efficient and reliable escort services agency in North Rhine Westphalia, especially in the North. All our gorgeous girls and we will never recruit "cheap" female escorts in Munster or anywhere else. We offer Outcalls escorting service in and around Münster, and most of our escorts are prepared to travel a bit further. Needless to say, that all of our escorts take pride in their work and their only target is to satisfy customers - that´s just how it should be. You will never get in touch with unpleasant experiences and perceptions, and of course, our ladies are discrete.




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