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Gera is the third biggest city in Thuringia, Germany. Culture is the main attraction in Gera, and a famous artist worked in Gera for a long time: the painter Otto Dix. Therefore, Gera is called Otto-Dix-Stadt as well. Otto Dix was an admirer of beautiful women, especially of Anita Berber, a femme fatal of her time, whose performance as a dancer and as a person broke boundaries because of her androgyny, public nudity and bisexuality, fascinated him. Women like Ms. Berber have always been the attraction of the demimonde, and it is a pity that those women disappeared in today´s world. However, there is hope: In Gera, we find very special escort girls with the same charm as the "lady in red" and they are still able to bewitch the male connoisseur.


If you are looking for a female companion in Gera, the Gera´s escort service has the right escort lady. The old town is still vivid, and it is worth a visit. Your escort lady might drink a beer instead of Champaign, as Gera is the home of a world famous beer, the "Schwarzbräu." It has been stored in artificial caves under the Gera houses ads streets called "Höhler".


There are several important events in Gera, such as the "Flaming Star" fireworks festival, which may be a good start for a night of romance with a beautiful Gera escort lady.


We have an exquisite selection of beautiful girls in Gera, who will fulfill your open and secret desires. They will turn a dull and lonely evening in your hotel room into a night to remember. We are a high caliber escort agency, so we feature all kinds of beautiful ladies - blondes, brunettes, ebonies and redheads, busty ladies for the connoisseur and fresh girl with firm bodies who act like real girlfriends.


There are purring cats and wild tigresses - everything is possible in Gera, and the escort girls of Gera will be happy to have liaisons without any rush for pure pleasure and excitement. Just call - and meet the lady of your dreams for some hours or the whole night. You will never regret the experience they can give you.




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