International Escort Service Oldenburg

"Oldenburg in Oldenburg"is the fourth biggest City in Lower Saxony (North Germany), and it is the most important traffic junction in the whole Region. Our Escort Service Oldenburg is situated in this Region to fulfill the wishes of men looking for a charming female companion or guide. It covers the whole Region, including the cities of Emden, Wilhelmshaven and the East Frisian Islands.


The City of Oldenburg/Oldenburg is the only metropolitan area in Northern Lower Saxony. At first glance, Oldenburg doesn´t seem to be very sensual, but if you think so, please take a look at the "Horst Janssen Museum". You can visit the rater small museum with you escort lady and admire the sensual drawings of Janssen.


Although the city burned down in 1676 by a large fire, it is still a little bit romantic because of its rather narrow streets and low buildings. Oldenburg today - that means a fresh, fine and young city with a pedestrian zone and many excellent shops. If you have a walk with your escort girl in the city centre, don´t miss to see one of the houses that did not burn down: the Degodenhaus from 1502.


In case you want to dine out with your beautiful lady from our escort service in Oldenburg, you should consider Bad Zwischenahn, where you can find the best place for a candle light dinner. It is situated near Oldenburg at the "Zwischenahner Meer" - a recreation area for the people of Oldenburg and even Bremen.


If you stay in Oldenburg in January or February, don´t miss to eat the curly kale, which is known as the "Oldenburg Palm Tree" as well. It is served with a lot of meat, such as a spicy sausage known as "Pinkel" or Grützwurst (sort of black pudding) and smoked pork called ("Kassler").


In the north of Oldenburg, you will find the German North Sea coast, with the East Frisian Islands and all the tourist and health resorts and the Wadden Sea. If you wish to spend a few hours with a charming lady in your hotel on one of the islands or in Leer, Aurich or Norden, our escort service Oldenburg will find the right person as near as possible.


Needless to say, that all our ladies love their exciting jobs, and that they will be happy to accompany you. They are discrete and well educated, so you can take them everywhere.




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