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Dresden is not only famous for the re-build "Frauenkirche", the Semper Opera and the Zwinger. The city was also famous for the affairs of its King, August the Strong, who was King of Saxony at that time, and he had an official Mistress, Katharina of Altenbockum. She was the most beautiful woman at the Dresden Court at that time.


In general, the girls of Saxony are regarded as the most beautiful, sensual and charming German ladies - and we are proud to be in Dresden to provide those ladies as companions for our customers.


Dresden is the capital city of the rater new Free State of Saxony (Germany). The city is situated in a valley on the River Elbe, and nearly everybody knows that the city had been destroyed in a night of WW2. But now, with the help of many people all over the world, Dresden has been rebuilt. We recommend looking at the re-build old town and the "Church of Our Lady" (Frauenkirche). Downtown Dresden is situated around the Altmarkt (Old Market) and the Prager Straße, where you can find numerous shopping centers, restaurants, cafes and bars.


On the right banks of the River Elbe, you find the "äußere Neustadt" ("Outer Newtown") with its artwork passages and the Wilhelmian period buildings. Dresden claims to have 175 Restaurants, Pubs and Cafés just in this region - so it is a nice place to go for you and your Dresden escort Lady.


Most probably, women love the opera. In the Semper Opera, you will find opera performances that will make a lady´s heart leap for joy, such as "La Noce de Figaro" or "Un ballo in maschera". The opera has a ballet company as well. The former princes and kings loved to have dance companies - surely not only because they loved to see them dancing. Nowadays, ballet dancing has turned into a real art, but still one might compare the ladies on stage with our young, slim and sensual escort ladies. We are quite sure: The escort ladies would win the beauty contest.


We take this opportunity to assure you that your personal information will remain confidential. The escorts and management of our Dresden Escort Agency realizes the importance of discretion. It goes without saying that a beautiful Dresden escort would be the perfect companion for a candle light dinner in a formal restaurant, an intimate evening or an exciting night. There is no limit in this world for a sensual experience, so let the sky be the limit - you have found the best service you can find in Saxony.


Those Gentleman who are interested in fine art, architecture a similar beautiful things, are usually interested in beautiful women as well. The Dresden Escort Service can arrange an escort lady to meet you at your hotel or where else you wish to meet her. Any sort of dress code or procedure is possible - please feel free to ask.


Why not spend the lonely nights in your hotel bed with a sensuous and sophisticated lady in exquisite lingerie? An exceptional lady who speaks your language and fulfills your secret wishes? It could be a frugal and breathless champagne night or just two hours of a passionate, extensive girlfriend experience - including more than you would expect.


Our Dresden Escort Service will provide you with the girl that suits your wishes and needs, whatever they may be. Just ask for a matching lady, and we will find her.




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