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The old merchant town of Bielefeld is a modern city with food manufacturing and other industries. Although it is a rather large city, very few people really know Bielefeld. The City is situated in North Rhine-Westphalia, but it is rather untypical for the Rhine Region. The city is somewhat typical for the German "middle class", where you do not talk about private things like love and sexuality.


That is why our Bielefeld Escort Service is very discreet. It is even more discreet than our services in other cities where we are situated. Do you wish to have a fling, an affair or just a one-night-stand? Everyone will tell you "You don´t do that in Bielefeld" except the escort service, that specializes in discretion - so ask you are interested in a gorgeous lady, ask Bielefeld Escorts and don´t ask anyone else. If you would like to meet a real interesting, caring and skilled woman in Bielefeld, call our Bielefeld Escort Service. Most people who plan an affair go to hotels outside Bielefeld, and some even go into the Teutoburger Wald, the famous forest near Bielefeld, so we accept outcalls from there as well. There are several health resorts around the city, especially Bad Salzuflen, and if you go there, the spirit of the place might lead to develop a certain desire. Therefore, if you feel lonely in a health resort, there is any easy way to solve the problem: An escort lady form our escort service Bielefeld will be happy to accompany you.


Eleven the middle class men in Bielefeld know about the benefits of our local escort Service Bielefeld, and so do visitors of the city. As most of them come for business, they might want someone to accompany them in the evening or at night - it is always a pleasure for us to find a matching lady for your wishes ad needs.


The Bielefeld Conspiracy is something very special. The story goes that the city of Bielefeld does not actually exist. There are several reasons for this meme: First, most people in the world have never heard about Bielefeld and they have there no clear image of the city. Next, you will be told that there is no "real life" in the city, including the lack of beautiful and charming ladies. In addition, of course there is one other point: The country code for cars is "Bi" - so how can a country code be "bi"? By the way - the International Escort Service Bielefeld will even provide ladies who are interested in threesomes.


Around Bielefeld, you find other famous cities. Like the health, resort Bad Salzuflen, but also Herford and Gutersloh. Our Escort Service Bielefeld will be proud to find you a matching lady in those cities as well.




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